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Xtina's Top New Albums

I am an album person. Listen aaaaaaaaall the way through. I like to consume everything at once, then over and over and over again. When an artist I really enjoy releases a single, I tend to wait ever so patiently to be able to hear it's context in the overall project. Here are some albums from the last few years that have been occupying my listening.

1. What Now - Sylvan Esso

This album is an incredible second release. At first listen, I was missing the minimalist vibe the self titled album has, but that feeling didn't last long. Amelia (vocalist for one of my favorite bands, Mountain Man) makes the melodies seem truly effortless, weaving around creating pentatonic washes of color. My favorite tracks include "Sound", "Die Young", and "Slack Jaw".

2. Ventriloquism- Meshell Ndegeocello

This album was introduced to me right before a red eye flight, and it made the travel much more enjoyable. In this album, Meshelle share's some of her favorite music from the 80's and 90's RnB world. Everything sounds so cohesive throughout, and her vocals are stunning. Take time to listen to "Atomic Dog" and "Smooth Operator". You'll be so glad you did.

3. Poppy.Computer- Poppy

Poppy is a not so guilty pleasure. Poppy is a performance art project in real time and gives borderline terrifying overdubbed videos to her millions of followers. The album is the shiniest, sparkliest, prettiest pop music you have heard ever. 8-bit sounds lay the foundation for song after song about being blonde, famous, and hanging out with friends on the internet. The last tune is a lil more aware of itself than the rest, and it's a great close.

4. About U- MUNA

I have had so many dance parties by myself to this album.

5. The Ambassador- Gabriel Kahane

This album is a beast. I have never heard anything like this. After this release I was excited to go back through his discography. This album is based on location in Los Angeles, California. Addresses are accompanied by titles based on history embedded into each location, great films of the 1980's, and of fantastical picnics in a post-apocalyptic paradise. The centerpiece is "Empire Liquor Mart", which tells the story of the murder of 15 year old black girl, Latasha Harlins by a Korean liquor store attendant, in March of 1991. After the attendant was convicted of the voluntary man-slaughter, which carries a maximum prison sentence, the judge then sentenced her to 5 years probation and a $500 fine. This news was broken to the Los Angeles communities one week before the riots of 1992.

That's it!

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