New Music Video: All About Queen Mab

Today we release our 3rd music video of the song Queen Mab. This is a witchy, moody, powerful and fierce video of us HIVE creatures singing out in the woods of Oakland.

The song was written by Becca Stevens and the lyrics written by William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet. The lyrics are a monologue recited by Mercutio all about the fairies' midwife, Queen Mab.

Read more about Becca and her work on this song and the album which it’s from:

We love Becca Stevens so visit her website and follow her on social:

Our arrangement was written by our very own Christina Wilson and it features her strong and haunting voice on lead. I produced and edited the music video which we shot in the Joaquin Miller redwoods up in the Oakland hills. Lisa and I hike there often and she scouted out the spot for us. We shot the video on Courtney’s iPhone and Nina curated our clothes and color scheme for the shoot. This was a true HIVE collaboration.

The track was mixed by Brianne Holland and then Mastered by Piper Payne at Neato Mastering. The single will release soon - we will update this blog with the link once it's up on iTunes.

We hope you feel the power of this piece and our voices, full bodies and spirits delivering it to you.

Cheers to you, and may 0the fairy midwife whisper in your ear.


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