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HIVE as Educators

One of the original visions for HIVE as a group was to give back to the community through education. All five members of HIVE are professional educators in various capacities. We have worked with all ages in a variety of settings: private coaching, group vocal classes, a cappella-specific workshops, choir directing, a cappella group directing, music theory and aural skills classes, solo singing masterclasses, performance masterclasses and more.

As educators, HIVE aims to celebrate the unique voice in each of us. Each member of HIVE is highly regarded as a teacher who inspires and empowers, all while leading with compassion, enthusiasm and grace. HIVE’s educational philosophy focuses on cultivating connection: with the music, the audience, and especially with each other. Christina, Courtney, Lisa, Moorea and Nina - each in their own way - bring energy, joy, humor and vulnerability to their teaching, regardless of the setting. Whether it be in a university lecture hall with hundreds of participants, a small classroom with 12 singers, or in a one-on-one coaching session, HIVE breathes humanity into the music and the teaching. Below is a sampling of workshop topics we offer. If you’re interesting in booking HIVE at your school (we LOVE coaching a cappella groups!) or your event, contact hivevocal@gmail.com. Happy music-making, one and all!



Creating Vocal Textures (ALL OF HIVE)

Using an exploratory and collaborative format, the singers of HIVE will demonstrate how to build a vocal arrangement from the ground up. Beginning with rhythm section, and adding various textures and layering, HIVE creates a rich soundscape using only five voices. Topics will include groove, syllables, vowel shaping, nuance, dynamics, blend, harmony, dissonance and more!

Solo Singing Master Class (MOOREA DICKASON + HIVE) A course designed for soloists vocalists. After a group conversation about what makes a great solo performance, participants will perform a prepared solo piece. HIVE singers will provide constructive feedback on how you can improve your performance with a focus on emotional connection to the song, engaging your audience, bringing your best self to the stage, as well as more technical support if needed. Audience members will participate in providing positive feedback to the performers as well.

Performance Master Class (COURTNEY JENSEN + HIVE)

Utilizing a theater directing background, working for Varsity Vocals as a producer, and 12+ years performing in a cappella groups (BYU Noteworthy, The Backbeats, The Riveters, JANE & HIVE) Courtney has got lots to offer! If you are looking for some specific feedback on your group's performance, let’s dive in and do it! We’ll focus primarily on creating moments for your audience to remember, helping give your group techniques to make the music more personal to you, exploring ways to give those feelings to an audience in a genuine way, as well as discovering how dynamics and musical moments can transform any song into something new.

What’s That Sound? (CHRISTINA WILSON + HIVE)

This class will explore music that is difficult to define, and pushes the boundaries of the listener, opening a dialogue to creating an experience that doesn’t adhere to the somewhat restrictive traditions of vocal music. Through listening examples and live demonstrations, attendees will explore sonic textures, colors, and discuss how to bring elements of the unexpected into a vocal groups arrangements, stage presence, or overall performance to elevate the experience not only as performers, but also for the audience.

Healthy Group Relationships (MOOREA DICKASON)

Can't we all just get along? Yes we can, but it often takes some work; setting group agreements, understanding group dynamics, defined leadership, and agreed upon methods of communication. As singers in a cappella, our relationship to each other is paramount to our capacity to connect and create together through song. Join Moorea Dickason in a conversation about how to develop and maintain a healthy and happy group dynamic of respect and honesty in your group so the music can shine. Moorea is a full time musician, Associate Director of Women’s A Cappella Association and worked for 8 years with One Circle Foundation, an organization that teaches and trains adults to facilitate small support circles with adolescents.

A Cappella and Burlesque (NINA KASUYA)

This class aims to examine the potential of a cappella as a performance platform. Using burlesque as an example, we will discuss ways to integrate new ideas into a cappella performance that challenge our expectations and intensify the intent of our music. While we have continued to push the boundaries of sound in a cappella, we tend to conform to the status quo when it comes to movement. Is it possible to push the physical interpretation of our music beyond formation changes and synchronized arm gestures? What can we learn from the way burlesque performers interpret their music? Let’s find out! Many Voices, Many Stories: The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion in A Cappella (NINA KASUYA, CHRISTINA WILSON + LISA FORKISH on behalf of the Women’s A Cappella Association)

Using the premise of musical performance as conversational storytelling, this class will explore why diversity & inclusion in a cappella are necessary for authentic communication, community/audience engagement, and ensuring world-class performances. Attendees will leave the class with a greater understanding of how diversity & inclusion can strengthen their group in multiple ways and how this strength can be used to better the group for musical success and personal growth.

Redefining Group Success (LISA FORKISH)

How do we strive for excellence while staying connected as a group? How do we raise the bar without burning out or creating division? How do we give our fellow singers or students voice, a sense of ownership in the collective work? Over the course of the last 15 years, Lisa Forkish has led five different groups to place in various a cappella competitions (Varsity Vocals, AEA, Harmony Sweeps) including five-time national champions OSA Vocal Rush. Through these experiences, the lessons have all been the same (hint: it's not about winning). Join Lisa for a conversation about group success -- how we define it, and how we achieve it. Get tips and tools for how to build and maintain a healthy group dynamic, how to set collective goals, to take your ensemble to next level of excellence bring your singers closer together throughout the process.

Women, A Cappella and the Future (LISA FORKISH)

There are plenty of women in a cappella, but it is rare to see all-female groups reach the same success as mixed and all-male groups. Lisa Forkish, co-founder and Executive Director of the Women's A Cappella Association leads a fruitful discussion about women in a cappella, asking the hard questions and creating space for the tough answers. From arrangement, to performance acumen, to vocal stylings and range, Lisa will explore our tremendous capacity to grow, innovate, and push boundaries as women in cappella.

Intro To OR Advanced Beatboxing Techniques (COURTNEY JENSEN)

We’ll learn about everything from building your kit, tempo, breathing, creating patterns, advanced sounds, and best rehearsal practices. Let's take some time to learn more about beatboxing and how it can enhance your group's sound.

Don’t Be Awkward - Talking on Stage & Building a Show (COURTNEY JENSEN)

There is more to putting on a great show than just giving musical perfection to an audience! One major thing that sets apart amateurs from professionals is what happens in between all that a cappella singing. This class will explore techniques you can use to rehearse ‘talkies’, what to do, what NOT to do, as well as the importance of creating engaging show flow. You want to let your audience get to know you and your group without giving too much. We’ll also explore comedy on stage, and whether it is right for you and your group. Let’s talk about that.

Arranging 101 (LISA FORKISH)

Get the creative juices flowing in this session on the art of a cappella arranging. From uncovering the perfect syllables, to finding the perfect chord, to straying from the original track, this workshop will get cover all the basics and then some. Whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned arranger, there will be “take-aways” for all levels!

Arranging Outside the Box (LISA FORKISH)

Does a lot of contemporary a cappella sound the same to you? Are you an arranger who feels stuck using all the same tricks as everyone else? Using an exploratory and collaborative format, learn/discuss techniques for taking your arranging to a new level so your charts stand out among the masses. Lisa Forkish (arranger for Vocal Rush, The Riveters, HIVE) will share her ideas and open her arranger's "tool box" as well as hearing ideas, questions and specific challenges from participants.

The Bass Line: Singing and Arranging Techniques for Your Low-Voiced Singers (LISA FORKISH)

Learn singing and arranging techniques for the “bass” in an all female group, as well as learning how to use your voice in that low register, and mic technique for live performance.

Flexibility of Sound (CHRISTINA WILSON + HIVE)

To be flexible with your group sound allows an incredible amount of possibilities for arranging, performing, and understanding a cappella music. Learn where to start finding your flexibility through vowel production, tone and timbre, and using your strengths as a musician.

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