Exciting HIVE Announcements!

Announcement #1: HIVE on Patreon

HIVE has just launched a Patreon page! Patreon is a subscription based community where we will be posting early releases and exclusive content for our HIVE community. The funds will go directly toward helping us maintain the work that we do, making music with hundreds and hundreds of miles between our home bases. Donations start at $1 per month and, let’s be real, we easily spend twice that on a small black coffee every day, so check out our Patreon to see the awesome incentives that we are offering to our community. Join the HIVE and let us be your friends!!!!

Announcement #2: The Open

This past Saturday was the ICCO West Region competition. If you follow my mom or Xtina’s mom on soc meds you already know, but HIVE ended up placing first in the West Region! Numero fluffin’ uno! That means our next stop is Carnegie Hall! In addition, Moorea won best soloist, Lisa won best arrangements, and Courtney won best VP even though she sang actual notes for 80% of our set! What the what??? Before Saturday, the only sweeping I knew about involved a broom! (that’s a joke, yall.)

The thing that impresses me the most about being in HIVE is how perceptive and loving each member is in their own way. Not everything is voiced, but the energy of love is always palpable. We are a group with a lot of feelings that we express in very different ways. We are vastly different beings from different backgrounds and musical experiences, and yet I never feel more safe and protected then when I am with these folks. Saturday was a long and emotional day. We rehearsed, we waited, hung out with old friends, made new friends, and through it all, we shared empathy and love for each others’ heartbreaks, and balance our own self-care needs. No shame. Just love. Yes, we have a fancy glass thing that says we did a good job, but I think that being part of this family was the biggest win of the evening.

P.S. Join our Patreon to keep getting sappy updates and exclusive content <3 (That’s an ice cream cone, not a heart).

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