All About NYC Next Month!

It’s Moorea here from HIVE. I want to share with you about our plans for performing at CARNEGIE HALL in 1 month on Saturday September 22nd. WHA?!?! Crazy. 

HIVE celebrated our 1 year anniversary as a group just last month and we’re beyond excited to bring what we’re doing to New York and the stage at Carnegie. On a personal note, I have never been to Carnegie Hall and I’m deeply honored to first experience this venue from the stage. 

We’ll be competing there at the Varsity Vocals Aca-Open which is a National a cappella competition. We won the Western Regional semi-final competition in LA back in July which secured us a spot at Nationals. 

The winning group in NYC takes home $25,000. We consider performing on this stage a big win in and of itself, but if we take home the $25,000 then HIVE will use that money to invest in a wireless microphone system, in-ear monitors, and a savings account of money to fund our travel to rehearse and perform together and to mix and master studio recordings for our first full length album. Basically, it would fund a lot of creative work that we plan to do either way, but with this money we could do it A LOT faster. 

We’ll be performing the same set of 4 songs which we sang at the regional competition; opening with Green and Blue (an original by our very own Christina Wilson), 2nd is On and Ever Onward(originally a collaboration between Bjork and Dirty Projectors), followed by So We Say(originally by Krystle Warren) and closing the set with Real Thing (originally by Tune-Yards). The last 3 songs in the set were arranged by HIVE's Lisa Forkish

We all will be traveling separately to NYC on Thursday Sept. 20th and staying in a shared AirBnB for 3 nights. Friday will be spent at a rehearsal space that we’ll rent (we’re still working on nailing that down) to run the set and polish everything up. 

On Saturday the 22nd we need to be at Carnegie Hall by 10am (so early! for us West-Coaters!) for a show meeting and to be present for a drawing of the set order. Then there will be sound checks all day in show order - each group gets 20 minutes on stage to get their sound tech worked out and to run as much of the set as possible to get comfortable with the space. Then a short dinner break and it's show time! 

Here is a link to the Varsity Vocals site where you can learn about all 10 groups who will be competing and access a link to buy tickets to attend. Tickets range from $19 - $119. Last years show sold out so if you or anyone you know wants to attend then make sure to get tickets soon. 

Also if you’re in town, Christina from HIVE is performing the next day at the famous NYC jazz venue, Blue Note. She’ll be singing there with her INCREDIBLE folk a cappella group, Honey Whiskey Trio and they’re performing with last years National Aca-Open winners, Women of the World for 2 separate brunch performances. Buy Tickets for either the 11:30am show or 1:30pm show.

So there you have it. This is all surreal. It’ll be an adventure for sure, no matter what the trip brings. 

In the spirit of connection, love and creativity through music, 

- Moorea (and HIVE)

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