Why Not?

As a beatboxer, often times I find myself stuck in a rut using the same patterns, sounds, and transitions. When this happens I go to the magical land of YouTube to get some inspiration from drummers.

The other day when I was heading down that rabbit hole, I found this gem of a video. I grew up with the Carpenters playing in our home on Saturdays (chore days). Sometimes when I am cleaning my bathroom, I can hear the whisper of 'Rainy Days and Monday's' in my head.

Not only was Karen Carpenter a songbird, but she was a fantastic drummer. And the intro of this video I would say is evidence of her as a great example of a feminist.

"People are always asking me why Karen plays the drums"

"I can answer that", while she drums on the stand, "Two words...why not?!"

Thanks Karen - for drumming, and introducing a phrase to me that I will continue to say in the face of those who might doubt.


I encourage any struggling beatboxers to get inspiration where ever you can. Listen, imitate, and practice always. You'll find yourself better and better everyday.

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