HIVE Help Wanted: Live Sound Engineer

HIVE Live at Boston Sings A Cappella Festival

HIVE is ready to take the next step in our relationship, to bring in a 6th member as our master of live sound technology.

In order to be everything we want to be, HIVE wants a dedicated live sound person who will be an integral part of our live show.

Our new sound person is out there just waiting to read this post. They’re passionate and highly knowledgeable about running live sound in a range of different spaces. They love working with vocalists and understand the needs of singers on stage. They’re fierce, confident and strong, ready to walk into a venue and own the sound booth. They love supporting loop pedal work and being creative in developing a wide pallet of sonic textures with effects.

Our intention is to have this stellar new member attend our retreat rehearsals every 2 months and all of our live performances. They’ll be paid as an equal member of HIVE and become a musical asset to our stage show.

Help us find our new partner in live vocal music. Share this post or reach out to us at

In the meantime we’ll work on learning our next 4 new tunes, tracking and shooting our next 2 music videos, and preparing to compete at the AcaOpen regionals.

I wish you love as a state of mind, creativity as a way of life, and many musical moments in between.


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