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JANE LEE: Helping the Children of Los Angeles Explore Their Dreams

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

JANE LEE: Helping the Children of Los Angeles Explore Their Dreams

I met Jane in 2016, and I’ve never felt more immediately connected with a person in such a short amount of time. She is fierce, caring, and can sing Erykah, Jill, and Lauren like you’ve never heard before. In just over a year of meeting, she has become such an inspiration for me as an educator, performer, and human being.

Jane has been sharing her musical gifts beginning at a young age. Through difficult learning experiences with her music teachers, she knew she wanted to provide a positive, safe place for children to explore music, art, and dance. In 2010, she founded the Hills Academy of Music, Art and Dance with only 14 students. In just a year, Hills Academy grew to 250 students, and now, in it’s 7th year, the school operates two campuses and provides transportation and after school care for the children of Torrance and Palos Verdes in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Along with an incredible faculty, Hills provides private lessons in piano, strings, voice, guitar, early childhood music and is home to the Palos Verdes Children’s Choir.

Jane’s community outreach efforts don’t stop there. She is also the founder of Musical Miracles, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the gifts of music, art and dance with children and supporting their dreams to succeed. Th

rough this organization, students in the LAUSD school are experiencing music on a weekly basis, which wouldn’t be available otherwise.

I had the honor of traveling with Jane and a team of musicians to Ensenada, Mexico to teach music to a community of children, orphans, and adults in the summer of 2017. In just three short days, the community learned to sing, play, and praise together in a way the never thought they could achieve. Jane is hoping to expand this international part of Musical Miracles in the coming years.

On top of this incredible schedule, Jane is a mother of three, and her and her husband work hard to teach their children the value of family, knowledge, and charity every single day. Watching her providing so much for so many has shown me the potential I have to make a difference.

Thank you Jane, for giving hundreds of children the support they need to be amazing.

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